Gerontology and Diabetes Research Laboratory (GDRL) summary

Mandate: The Gerontology and Diabetes Research Laboratory at Vancouver General Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Ken Madden, focuses on advancing understanding and treatment of conditions associated with aging and diabetes. Our laboratory has been a leader in gerontological and diabetes research, integrating advanced technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to address key health issues affecting older adults.

Current Projects: The lab's ongoing projects include utilizing Point-of-care ultrasound (PoCUS) as a screening tool for sarcopenia, exploring acarbose treatment for postprandial hypotension, and examining the impact of sedentary behavior on cardiometabolic risk factors. These studies are at the forefront of geriatric medicine, aiming to improve diagnostic methods and treatment options for common conditions in older adults, including sarcopenia and type 2 diabetes.

Collaborative Efforts and Future Plans: Collaborating with various departments within UBC and external institutions, the lab is currently engaged in innovative projects like developing machine learning models for ultrasound screening and examining the effects of ketone administration on insulin sensitivity. The lab also plans to initiate studies on fall risk prediction in older adults, combining video data and accelerometer readings to develop predictive algorithms.

Impact and Outreach: With a strong focus on practical applications and patient care, the laboratory's work has significant implications for improving the health and wellbeing of older adults. The lab's findings not only contribute to the scientific community but also have the potential to influence public health policies and clinical practices, particularly in geriatric medicine and diabetes management.